Featured Summer Brand

JUXX Case - Xmune Juice with Wellmune


  • We get retailers.

    In the dynamic realm of consumer packaged goods (CPG), it's not just about creating and marketing a product; it's about envisioning it on the shelves of stores across North America. Our expertise dictates starting with the end goal and working backward with retailers' expectations first. This involves careful planning for displays, pricing, and a coordinated market launch to boost sales and visibility consistently.

  • We get brands, too.

    We align ourselves with your vision, offering comprehensive branding, marketing, sales, and logistics support. For brands already in the go-to-market phase and showing promise, we're adept at propelling them to new heights. With Instar Brands, you're not just a client but a partner in progress within the intricate world of CPG.

  • We strive for synergy.

    Born from the experience of retail industry giants nationwide, we hold invaluable insights into their needs and requirements. We aim to foster synergy between retailers and brands, driving exponential growth and boosting sales. Whether entering the market or already promising, trust us to propel your brand to new heights.