Instar Brands is an evolution to the consumer packaged industry.

Instar Brands empowers smaller players against industry giants so they can connect with retailers and consumers.

  • Discovery Session

    Discussion on your brand, mission, goals, and needs.

  • Simple Onboarding

    Integrate your brand into our direct B2B sales channels.

  • Shelf-Ready Preparation

    We'll give you the armor and tools to hit the right target.

Beyond Refreshing: A Case Study

The "JUXX Jump"

From Brazil to US Shelves Next to Giants of a Soaring Health Beverage Industry

The "JUXX Jump" is a saga of resilience, as founder and creator of JUXX, Edson, endeavors to bring Brazil's unique health-focused beverage to the U.S. market. Instar Brands breathes new life into JUXX, propelling it from obscurity to a health hero through a captivating rebrand and strategic expertise. The partnership blooms into a transformative force, culminating in national distribution through UNFI.

Gelson's, a California grocery icon, becomes JUXX's inaugural customer, validating its elite status in the health beverage sector. This dynamic collaboration between JUXX and Instar Brands epitomizes the power of strategic rebranding and distribution, establishing JUXX as a coveted health beverage across the U.S. market.