The "JUXX Jump" Case Study

BEFORE Instar Brands

The "JUXX Jump" unfolds as a tale of resilience, with founder Edson striving to introduce Brazil's unique health-focused beverage to the U.S. market. This dynamic collaboration between JUXX and Instar Brands epitomizes the transformative impact of strategic rebranding and distribution, firmly establishing JUXX as a coveted health beverage across the U.S. market.

But, JUXX had its challenges as a new product in the US market.

Common challenges for emerging Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands often include having an exceptional product that lacks visibility, struggling with distribution, and facing low sales. The importance of easily recognizable and aesthetically pleasing labels cannot be overstated, serving as a crucial starting point for addressing these issues.

JUXX Original Pitch Back in 2022

AFTER Instar Brands

Instar Brands transformed the JUXX original labels from an easily overlooked design to an eye-catching, vibrant aesthetic that now graces store shelves. The strategic partnership between JUXX and Instar Brands not only elevated the brand's visual appeal but also resulted in a significant boost in consumer recognition and preference. This captivating redesign positioned JUXX as a standout player in the competitive consumer packaged goods market.

A 4-Pack Design for Retail Dominance

Instar Brands strategically catapulted JUXX into giant retail leagues by crafting a visually compelling 4-pack design. This innovative packaging not only boosts shelf visibility, but also reinforces JUXX's health-conscious identity, positioning it as a formidable player in the competitive consumer packaged goods market. The JUXX 4-pack design stands as a testament to the transformative impact of thoughtful packaging on brand elevation and retail success.

15% Savings in Freight Costs

Launching a product with the right price is a pivotal strategy often overlooked by brands entering the market. Many make the mistake of neglecting to plan for national distribution or large grocery store chains, missing the crucial understanding of pricing and margin expectations for each retail customer. The success of the JUXX Jump was marked by Instar Brands' ability to save over 15% of Net Outside Sales in freight charges, a feat achieved through our intricate knowledge of the CPG industry.

JUXX Jump - Debut to Distribution

Instar Brands orchestrated a strategic coup for JUXX, securing a national distribution deals through UNFI and KeHE, a pivotal milestone with Gelson's as its inaugural customer. This narrative encapsulates the success story of how JUXX transformed from an ambitious brand to a coveted player in the health beverage sector, positioning itself prominently on the elite shelves of California's renowned grocery chain, Gelson's.