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Curt's BBQ Sauce 6/ 16 oz - Medium - PALLET (90 cases / 540 units)

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Since 2007, Curt's BBQ Sauce has been a family legacy. The sauce embodies love, passion, and dedication, shared from our kitchens to your table.

Reasons you’ll love Curt’s BBQ Sauce - 

Culinary Versatility: Elevate your dishes with Curt's BBQ Sauce – not just for BBQ, it enhances flavors from ribs and chicken to pizza, fajitas, sausages, cocktail sausages, meatballs, and more. Use it as a marinade, dip, or condiment for burgers and sandwiches.

Sweet & Smoky Harmony: Experience the impeccable blend of sweetness and smokiness that enhances the taste of a wide array of dishes.

Glorious Caramelization: Curt's BBQ Sauce transforms into a mouthwatering glaze, enriching the flavor and appearance of grilled or roasted delights.

Wholesome Ingredients: Crafted without high fructose corn syrup, MSG, or gluten, Curt's BBQ Sauce is a healthier choice for mindful consumers. 

$5.99/unit / 90 cases / 6 units in display ready case